Welcome to MILCO

Since 1957, Morrow Island Land Company (MILCO) has provided an ideal setting for duck hunters who enjoy a place of refuge close to home.

700 acres of intensively managed marshland provides ample shooting during the duck hunting season, primarily for pintail, mallard, wigeon and teal. Members boat to their blinds, which are selected through a draw before dawn on each shoot day. 

MILCO is used by members year-round for fishing, parties, special dinners, trap shooting, ATV riding and more. There are three fishing piers and a boat launch on the property. Striped bass are caught regularly. Sturgeon are an occasional prize.

Our clubhouse features a dining room, chef's kitchen, bar and card room and 10 bedrooms for members and their guests. Our caretakers live on the property year-round and cook dinner, breakfast and lunch for shoot days. 

Wildlife is abundant at MILCO. A 200 acre zone closed to hunting holds thousands of ducks for most of the hunting season. Bald eagles have shown up in recent years. Jackrabbits, fox and coyote are common. 

There are 17 club members. Our longest-tenured member joined MILCO in 1972; our newest member joined in 2019. It's a group sharing a common interest in duck hunting, good food, and good company in a setting both close and very far from home.